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Where do We Draw the Line?

This year we have implemented a 1:1 computer initiative. Every one of my 1363 Timberwolves got a nice new shiny Chromebook in September. There was a lot of trepidation amongst staff members, some bumps in the road and more than … Continue reading

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How Far Do We Go?

This year, we rolled out a 1:1 initiative at all of our middle schools. We distributed 14,000 Chromebooks, one to every middle schooler in the county. As a part of this initiative, we were asked by the Central Office administration … Continue reading

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What We Wish Our Students Knew

Every year we welcome hundreds of students into our building. We make sure they have a warm and friendly environment, that they have teachers who are competent and knowledgeable, and that they have the materials and resources (as best we … Continue reading

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