Summer Time is Here! Now What?

Please don’t get me wrong. I love my job. I love working with kids, parents and teachers. But come late May and early June, they have to go. I need some slow time to recharge and refresh. I am sure many of you are in the same boat. So, now that summer is here, what do you do?

I decided to try something new this summer. Every year, I promise I am going to read more, blog more, and generally get my self better prepared. But something happens. I am not sure if it is too slow, I am too exhausted (at least at teh beginning of summer), or I just lose my mojo. Whatever the case, I find myself looking back on summer months with some “I wish I had done ________”. Not this summer. I decided that I needed some structure, some dedication and some extra organization.

We work four days a week during the summer months. Each day is ten hours. It certainly a different pace than the hustle of a school day. So I decided to maximize my time. Each day I set aside a block of time specifically for a certain task. I set aside 30 minutes for some professional reading. Right before lunch, 30 minutes to exercise (we have a fabulous fitness room in our school). As the afternoon winds down, 30 minutes to blog. The idea is that if I set aside time to do these things, I will have fewer “I wish I would have” moments come September. And, I am hoping that the momentum will carry over into the next school year.

In case you were wondering, by the time August gets here I am really bored and can’t wait for kids and teachers to be back in the building…until the next May!

Keep fighting the good fight.


About drellena

Principal of Tomahawk Creek Middle School in Chesterfield County, Virginia. 2018 Outstanding Virginia Middle School Principal of the Year 2018.
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