My Educational Bucket List

I have a Bucket List. I think everyone should. These are things that I really WANT to do, but will probably never get around to doing. Seeing the Great Wall of China? Maybe. A week at spring training? Possibly. Owing a sports car? If my wife says yes. Meeting Jimmy Buffett? Unlikely (although I will be at his June 20 concert this year, so if any of you know him put in a good word for me). These are all things that would be great memories in my life, things that I would talk about for a lifetime.

This week has been one of those crazy work weeks. You know the kind. Tons of night events, parental complaints, teacher complaints, testing, administrators being out of the building. Just non-stop fun. Which got me to thinking, what would I put on my Educational Bucket List? What types of things, if they happened, would I talk about for a lifetime? Here is the beginning of my list.

Just Once…

Just once, for one day, I want everyone to be happy. EVERYONE. No upset parents, teachers or students. I’m not asking for the world, JUST ONE DAY. One day of all smiles, laughing and people enjoying their day. If I ever got one day like that I might retire the next day.

Just Once…

Just once, I would like a day where every parent follows the rules. Like not blocking the crosswalk when dropping their kid off. Or actually reading the papers, website posts, Twitter and FaceBook notifications and e-mails we send home BEFORE calling and asking questions that are clearly explained in an e-mail, on the website, in the flyer we sent homer and the robo call we made. Just once…

Just Once…

Just once, I would like an inbox that does not swamp me. Don’t get me wrong. I am a strong proponent of e-mails Some might say I have an e-mail problem. And I am OK with that. But just once I would like a day where e-mails do not chase me wherever I go. Just once.

Just Once…

I would like to leave school with a to do list that is shorter than when I got there that day. Even with the best of intentions, I can never seem to get to the bottom of the list without having twice as many items added to the list. If this ever happens I might buy $20 worth of lottery tickets.

Just Once…

Just once, I would like to hear a politician, who has never do a teachers job, who could not SURVIVE a teachers job, who would not wish a teachers job on their worst enemy, say, “before we pass this idiotic law that directly affects 3.5 million teachers, let’s actually ask a few of them what they think and do what they think is best”. This would be irrelevant, as the apocalypse would surely follow immediately after these words were uttered.

So this is the beginning of my educational bucket list. What would you add? I will keep adding things as I get closer to retirement I am sure (to both bucket lists), but as I wait for Jimmy, search for great deals on used sports cars and look for tours to China, these will have to do for starters. Let me know what you would add.

Make this week ridiculously awesome. You have the power to do it.



About drellena

Principal of Tomahawk Creek Middle School in Chesterfield County, Virginia. 2018 Outstanding Virginia Middle School Principal of the Year 2018.
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