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Welcome to the first Diigo summary of the year 2014! I hope all of you and a wonderful New Year’s celebration.

  • Some really good advice for teachers and admin

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    •  That becomes your to-do list, and everything else gets delegated.  You know who can handle what.  When those tasks are delegated appropriately, they will be done promptly and efficiently.  You may even find they’re done better than you would have done them–especially if you believe enthusiastic buy-in and positive reception by the people they’re intended for are important.
    • Look at your to-do list and ask, “What are the things on here that can only be accomplished by me?
    • You are surrounded by people that want to help (and want to help you!).

Teachers, when looking over your lesson plans, ask, “Can this lesson be executed without kids?”  I know this sounds laughable, but there are such lessons.  Take, for example, the following lesson:

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