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Here is a list of what I stored on my Diigo account this week. Happy Holidays to everyone!

  • For the New Year, make yourself a promise to set new technology goals

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    • Choose a New Tool Each Month
    • Whether you have one laptop or a class set of tablets, there are tons of educational technology tools to explore. Choose one new tool to try out each month. This will give you enough time to really see if it works with your teaching style and if it is relevant to the content you’re teaching.
    • Join a Twitter Chat

      All around the globe, educators are doing exciting work in their classrooms. Instead of just following a couple of your favorite teachers and education organizations, engage with your peers in a Twitter (1) chat. There are weekly chats on a wide range of subjects. Follow the hashtag (2) to read about what other people are saying and post your own answers to questions posed by the chat’s facilitator.

    • Use Your Phone

      This year I’ve shared some of my favorite technology tools (4) that you can use straight from a smartphone.

    • Check Out Pinterest

      Pinterest (5) is a fantastic resource for teachers! It’s a place where educators can gather ideas for organizing their classroom, develop engaging activities and just get excited about teaching. This year, set yourself a goal of trying two new ideas a month that you’ve found on Pinterest.

    • Share Your Story

      You are sure to have some great success stories this school year, so why not share them? This might mean starting your own blog (8), tweeting out something great that happened during your day, or finding an old colleague or classmate on Facebook (9). Use the Internet to connect, share and inspire other teachers by finding a platform to share your triumphs!

  • Here are some things all leaders need to think about as we lead our people.

    tags: Leadership change

    • I solemnly pledge to start communicating early.
    • I solemnly pledge to ask more questions.
    • I solemnly pledge to create conversation, not (more) PowerPoint slides.
    • I solemnly pledge to acknowledge and understand resistance.
    • I solemnly pledge to be patient.
    • I solemnly pledge to communicate regularly.
  • Some great ideas on becoming more than just a manager.

    tags: Leadership professional development

    • A checklist of “to dos” is fine, but it isn’t enough anymore. Your ability to respond to change and sustain your leadership over time requires you to persistently “become” a better leader through improving the behaviors that allow you to lead at your best.
    • So what you really need is a list of “to becomes.” Consider the aspects of your leadership you need to ramp up to become the best you can be.
    • Your behavior affects those around you. How you conduct yourself is essential to influencing, managing change, fostering teamwork, and developing others.

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